Studio A
Studio A offers a 3,400-square-foot Live Room with 26-foot ceilings able to accommodate up to a full symphony orchestra, 4 isolated rooms, and 2 amp rooms in full view. Throughout Studio A, daylight natural lighting shines into both our Control Room and the Live Room, including large stained glass in the Control Room. This expansive ambient space of Studio A features a Steinway B Grand Piano, a K Kawai GS-60 Grand Piano, and a 1954 Hammond C3 Organ with a Model 147 Leslie Speaker Cabinet. The Control Room, once an upstairs choir loft, was converted into a 1,500-square-foot chamber, featuring a 5th ISO Room.
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Studio C
Studio C is a fully functioning post-production studio. This studio is on long-term private lease to award-winning

Jay Weigel is a distinguished composer, producer, conductor, arranger, orchestrator, and contractor for film, television, recordings, and concerts. Based in New Orleans, he has worked in the film and television industry for over 30 years. His recent scores and soundtrack recordings can be heard in over 50 films including Warner Brothers films such as Grudge MatchThe CampaignGreen LanternThe Lucky OneGet Hard, numerous Tyler Perry films and his TLC series Too Close to Home; HBO's Little BritainI Love You Phillip MorrisThe Other WomanThe Best of Me; and numerous documentaries and independent films including Heart, Baby!Hate CrimeCobuBullet to the Head, Joe Sanford's Omega Point, and Gregory Kallenberg's Haynesville and Rational Middle series. From 1998 to 2001, he worked as orchestrator, assistant conductor, and head of music preparation for composer Terence Blanchard. Most recently orchestrating and conducting scores for composer David Wingo, he has arranged and orchestrated for REM, Chris Thomas King, Judith Owen, and on several projects with Hal Willner. His original work has been commissioned by numerous symphonies and artists around the world, including the Kennedy Center, Louisiana Philharmonic, St. Louis Cathedral, University of Southern Mississippi Symphony, the Acadiana Symphony, and Lin Emery. From 1985 to 1991 he was Lecturer of Composition and Orchestration at Xavier University in New Orleans. Weigel helped organize the Louisiana Composers Guild and served as the co-chairman of the Louisiana Music Commission from 1998 to 2004. Most recently, Weigel served on the Bring New Orleans Back Subcommittee on Culture and Lt. Governor Mitch Landrieu's Louisiana Rebirth Advisory Board, and he sits on the board of directors of the Louisiana Cultural Foundation. In 2007, he started a class in film scoring for Loyola University, New Orleans. Weigel served as Executive Director of the Contemporary Arts Center (CAC) in New Orleans from 1996 to 2013. Prior to this appointment, Weigel was Music Director of the CAC for eleven years. Under his leadership the CAC has emerged on the national arts scene as a significant force in the production and presentation of contemporary work. His responsibilities as Executive Director include serving as artistic and performing arts director for this multi-disciplinary arts center. He produces over 45 concerts annually. In 1998, Weigel premiered his contemporary opera, Ash Wednesday, to New Orleans audiences at the opening event of the Faulkner Festival with critical acclaim. Weigel's post-modern opera, Dawn in the Floating City, was presented at the New Orleans Center for the Creative Arts in 2002. The opera examines the dialogue between the communities that make up the culture of New Orleans. For his third opera, 7 Days in Paradise, Weigel collaborated with Harold Sylvester. This work, which premiered in 2007was based on the Hurricane Katrina experiences of artist Jeffery Cook. Cook appeared in the opera as Debris Man. The Ogden Museum of Southern Art commissioned his fourth opera, The River May Cry, featuring a successful integration of European classical music with blues, gospel, jazz, and African music and utilizing a diverse array of musicians to perform this original work. An oratorio derived from the opera was recorded and released in 2004. In 2004, the St. Louis Cathedral commissioned Weigel's Mass of Pope John Paul II. This work, scored for orchestra and choir, was the first to be commissioned honoring the then pope, John Paul II. Sadly, two weeks before the premiere of the work in 2005, Pope John Paul II passed away. Following its premiere, the work was recorded and released on the MCG Jazz Label. In 2008, the University of Southern Mississippi commissioned and performed his work Renaissance for orchestra and choir.

Jay Weigel is known for his work in

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Studio D
Studio D is a mastering suite. This suite is on long-term private lease to mastering engineer Bruce Barrielle.
The Basement
The Basement offers a unique opportunity for you! Unlike our other studios, The Basement is configured for you to perform and record live before a select audience.