Studio A

Studio A offers 3,400 square foot 'live' room with 30 foot ceilings, able to accommodate up a full symphony orchestra, 4 isolated rooms and 2 amp rooms in full view.  Throughout Studio A, daylight natural lighting shines into both our Control Room and the Live Room ~ including large stain glass in the Control Room.  This large ambient space of Studio A features a Steinway B Grand Piano, a K Kawai GS-60 Grand Piano, and a 1956 Hammond C3 Organ with a Model 147 Leslie Speaker Cabinet.  The Control Room, once an upstairs choir room, was converted into a 1,500 square foot chamber, featuring a 5th ISO Room and is home to the Rupert Neve Designs, Shelford 5088 48-Channel Recording and Mixing Console.  Not to be overlooked is the studio's large collection of vintage and modern microphones, outboard gear and instruments.

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